SchlossGalerie in Rastatt: positive results

One year after the opening of SchlossGalerie shopping center in Rastatt stakeholders are satisfied with the positive outcome. Center manager Simone Bischoff is very pleased with the development of the shopping center. "SchlossGalerie in Rastatt has improved the attractiveness of the city center and strengthened the appeal of Rastatt as a shopping destination for customers in the region."

The shopping center, which opened on April 30, 2015, has approximately 25,000 sqm total area, of which 12,000 sqm are retail space. The owner, Bladt Germany EKZ-Rastatt B.V. & Co. KG, allocated the center and property management of SchlossGalerie in Rastatt to IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH.

According to Bischoff, the property‘s office space is now fully leased. Woolworth is another strong anchor tenant, which is located in the basement. Bischoff: "We have increased the quality of our customers’ visit by installing e.g. further plants and additional benches. We have also provided free Wi-Fi for our customers in the F&B sector." Marketing activities were expanded. Events and marketing will now be initiated and performed by the newly founded advertising association. Inter alia cooperation with the city during Christmas time (Music contest Rastatt baRockt) and an Easter special (competition with kindergartens and primary schools in and around Rastatt) were very successful.

Together with all other urban stakeholders Rastatt is to be positioned as a shopping destination. Bischoff said: "There are regular cooperation discussions between retailers, hotels, food service providers and the municipality. This is the right approach because all parties have to "join forces".

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