Schloss Galerie in Rastatt: IPH takes over Center and Property Management

Bladt Germany ECC Rastatt B.V. & Co. KG, based in Frankfurt, has awarded IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH, Munich with the Center and Property Management for its Schloss Galerie shopping center in Rastatt. The center, which opened on 30 April 2015, has approx. 25,000 square meters of space in total with about 12,000 m² of retail space. The current contract was signed at a meeting on 17. December 2014 with a term set initially for the end of 2018.

IPH currently manages 14 shopping centers nationwide, for example, in Hamburg, Munich and Regensburg. A spokeswoman for Bladt Germany EKZ Rastatt B.V. & Co. KG, said: "It is important that the center management is led and performed by an experienced and an established company in the market and by choosing IPH we are able to fulfill these criteria. The agreement with IPH enables us to be ready for the opening on April 30. 2015, as it was also possible to award the facility management contract in December 2014."

Simone Bischoff, the designated Center Manager also participated in the meeting. For her the good relationship with Rastatt’s retail community is particularly important: "The Schloss Galerie is intended to strengthen Rastatt as a shopping destination overall, so it is of great importance for us as a center management company that there is positive cooperation and mutual trust from the beginning." As extensive work awaited the center management team, IPH started operating in early January prior to the opening of the Schloss Galerie. This included important discussions with tenants, the initiation of an advertising community and, in particular, the planning and organization of the three-day opening event.

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