New IPH Transact GmbH: Exclusively for investment sector

The successful BBE Handelsberatung and IPH Handelsimmobilien Group has expanded: the newly founded IPH Transact GmbH, led by the two managing partners Alexander Hoffmann and Dr. Axel Froese, is exclusively responsible for the investment sector. Institutional or private property vendors can rely on IPH Transact for competent advice in finding the right purchaser.

National and international investors benefit from the knowledge of our transaction specialists in order to acquire suitable properties in a professional manner. IPH Transact combines comprehensive market expertise with in-house research in order to undertake a well-founded and accurate evaluate of purchase price and contractual terms.

IPH Transact provides comprehensive process and transaction management with a specific focus on German retail real estate: We work in close partnership with owners and investors and act in a competent and results-driven manner in order to maximize client benefit. This is achieved on the basis of an exclusivity agreement. The transaction volume should exceed EUR 10 M per mandate. Furthermore, IPH Transact undertakes market and valuation analysis for retail real estate for owners and investors.

IPH Transact enables owners to find the optimal purchaser for the disposition of their property – systematically and professionally. Dr. Froese commented: ‘We structure and accompany the entire sales process through to purchase contract completion and beyond. We provide owners confidence in decision-making in tangible issues: What is the realistic purchase price for my property? Is this the right time to sell the property? Which potential investors are worth consideration and will offer an appropriate purchase price?’ The experienced IPH Transact management team has been successfully advising the investment sector for over 30 years and has achieved a transaction volume of more than EUR 1 billion during this timeframe. The team’s comprehensive network provides insight into current investment activity and their extensive experience in competent transaction preparation and implementation ensures success for their clients.

The current market, characterized by an extreme structural supply shortage, makes it increasingly difficult to find and ultimately purchase appropriate properties. IPH Transact supports prospective purchasers with a targeted acquisition mandate in order to approach and explore possibilities with prospective vendors on their behalf. Andreas Hoffmann commented: ‘By proceeding in this proactive and systematic manner, we provide a significant competitive advantage for our clients: our clients can evaluate the property for acquisition, before competitors gain knowledge of the proposal. As a consequence, off-market-acquisitions are often possible.’

Your contact:

Dr. Axel Froese

Managing Partner

Tel: +49 89 55 118-196