New IPH Center Management: IPH and IC Real Estate Group establish joint venture

The IPH and IC Real Estate Group have established a joint venture. "The joint venture combines the expertise of both companies," explains Joachim Stumpf, CEO of BBE and IPH. "Here retail knowledge is combined with real estate and management expertise" said Marc Balkenhol, COO and board member of the IC Real Estate Group. The new IPH Center Management is specialized in the management of shopping centers and retail parks nationwide and offers excellent center management and holistic property management. The managing director of the new company is Peter Glöckner, previously head of Center Management at IPH.

"We want to increase value for our clients with the best of our two worlds" commented Stumpf. "We provide our services exclusively to third parties and do not own any real estate ourselves," adds Glöckner. According to the EHI Shopping Report 2015, by starting the joint venture IPH Center Management has already become Germany's largest independent center manager for shopping centers. "However, we do not intend to grow at any cost, but rather deliver high quality for our clients and the best understanding of the future of the retail trade and commercial real estate. The basis for this are our employees who are the best experts in their field" commented Glöckner. Currently there are 25 Shopping Centers under IPH Center Management.

"The new company benefits from a wide range of competencies. IPH Center Management is closely linked to the retail sector and prospective tenants" says Stumpf. The joint venture also draws on the knowledge of 120 experts at BBE Handelsberatung and Elaboratum as well as 250 experts in property and asset management at the IC Real Estate Group. "The IC Real Estate Group has the technical expertise with our own technicians, engineers and architects to design, comprehensively refurbish and redevelop, to plan, implement and manage" adds Balkenhol. "More trade knowledge is not possible ", adds Glöckner.

In property management professional data management with SAP is a competitive advantage. "For property management we can access the SAP interfaces at the IC Real Estate Group and, depending on the national or international investor requirements, create individual reports in the future" added Glöckner. "In recent years, owners’ requirements have particularly increased for transparency and forecasting as part of comprehensive reporting measures. Many investors have to meet legal requirements" said Balkenhol. The IC Real Estate Group utilizes a modern SAP system. "The many years of experience with various investor groups, in particular with international clients who are investing in the German market, have sharpened our focus on their needs," adds Balkenhol.

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