Neutor Galerie in Dinslaken: IPH Takes Over Center Management

The Hellmich group has awarded IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH with the center management for its “Neutor Galerie” shopping center in Dinslaken from 1. July 2015. Thus, IPH is now responsible for the management of 16 centers nationwide.

Located near the company’s headquarters, the shopping center opened in November 2014 and has a total of approximately 22,000 square meters of space on two sales floors with around 80 shops. Anchor tenants include expert, Kaiser's Tengelmann, Kult, H&M, ten Have and C&A.

At the signing ceremony Walter Hellmich, CEO of the Hellmich Group stated: “We are very pleased to be handing over responsibility for the Neutor Gallerie center management to IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH. We have a strong sector and tenant mix which we will complete in  the coming months and establish the center firmly in the market. It is important that the center management is led and performed by an experienced and established company in the market and by choosing IPH we are able to fulfil these criteria.” The Neutor Gallerie center management will actively engage with the Dinslaken city marketing association to ensure very close collaboration with all retailers in Dinslaken city center right from the outset. The new Neutor Gallerie center manager is Mr. Jeremia Gonzalez Martinez, who previously managed the "ZO" Zentrum Oberwiehre shopping center in Freiburg.

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