“Everyone’s talking about revitalization”

In April this year, Lars Jähnichen became the second managing director at IPH Handelsimmobilien. The qualified industrial engineer joins managing director Joachim Stumpf. At the beginning of 2018, alongside Stumpf and BBE he will become the third shareholder at IPH. What are the IPH newcomer’s plans?

Question: You have more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial real estate business, worked for Strabag and then 13 years for mfi, most recently as managing director and head of asset management at mfi. What is special about IPH in your opinion?

Jähnichen: IPH, together with BBE, is the only national retail specialist with such uniquely wide-ranging and in-depth retail knowledge that does not have its own shopping centers. We are purely service providers, which means we are independent and allows us to avoid conflicts of interest. This is what makes IPH stand out from the competition. However, what is even more important for me is that we cover all the necessary services in house. In addition to very sound business knowledge, we have excellent competence in market research, leasing and center management. This structure is ideal for becoming the leading partner for investors in Germany.

Question: What are you planning in your new role at IPH?

Jähnichen: To develop a new emphasis which builds on the tried and trusted. Continuity is important to me, which, in the consulting and leasing sector, means continuing to provide our clients with high-level services in the various asset classes and acquiring new mandates.

Question: What additional sphere of business will you be focusing on?

Jähnichen: Here in Germany, there are hardly any new shopping centers coming onto the market. At the same time we have existing shopping centers which, to a great extent, no longer meet market requirements. Revitalization is therefore the future market for large retail property. Everyone’s talking about revitalization, as a “supreme discipline” and I want to contribute my experience in the clients’ interests. Of primary importance is the development and implementation of specific measures to maintain and enhance value. With regards to implementation, we will not only be able to offer our extensive leasing expertise, but also competence in the necessary planning and construction processes.

Question: In revitalization, there will often be a new emphasis for shopping centers. What are the most important criteria?

Jähnichen: The proper positioning of the scheme and its differentiation in the market. Over the past years, competition between locations has significantly intensified. At the same time, consumer behavior has changed significantly. To continue to develop properties successfully in this environment it is imperative to know the relevant target groups in addition to competitors. It is therefore essential to understand why people visit a shopping center in the catchment area and why they stay away from it. It is necessary to get the design, the tenant mix and the marketing for this specific location right, in line with the exact needs of the customers. This comprehensive work can only be successfully and completed by a team of absolute experts and tried and trusted processes – and IPH in association with BBE is superbly qualified to do just this.

Question: Your profession means that you spend your whole day thinking about shopping. What do you do apart from your job? How do you approach shopping as a private individual?

Jähnichen: The most important counterpart to my professional life is my family with whom I do also like to go shopping. The nearest shopping destination to us here is Pasing Arcaden. We seek out something special, stroll through Schwabing or Neuhausen, and now and again into the city center. The shopping experience is very important to me, which is why I only book travel or read the news online. I keep fit by swimming and I recharge my batteries by skiing and walking in the mountains.

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